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Store Policy

Customer Care

I care deeply about my customers and wish to provide excellent service to you. I am just a chat away and will do whatever I can to provide a great experience for you with myself and my shop. I am happy to make metal substitutions for metal sensitivity. It is unlikely I can copy a design exactly but I can make a similar pair of an existing design. Upon request, I can recreate a style, or design a whole new one with hypoallergenic metal such as sterling silver.

Privacy & Safety

Buying from an online store can be a bit scary and risky. I accept Paypal as well as credit/debit for however you are comfortable paying. All I care about is which earrings you love, the rest is just details to complete shipment. All personal information is solely for business purposes. If you have questions or concerns, please let me know!

Wholesale Inquiries

Right now I am not thinking about wholesale, but please inquire! You might change my mind :)

Payment Methods

Payment Methods



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