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I now offer a few different subscription services. Choose which suits you best and let me know your favorite colors! Every subscription option is a monthly surprise. All options support my business by giving me stability in selling and making, as well as provide major discounts and fun for you!

And don't forget that any purchase from Black Cat Earrings directly supports a local animal shelter with 5% of our profit. 


basic monthly

I typically release two collections a month. This package includes a surprise pair once a month, so you don't know which collection you'll get! Just let me know your favorite colors so I can best match your style. All earrings start at $15 a pair, so you will be getting the base price even for my more expensive designs!

$15 a month (+ shipping)

Aerial Forest Shot


If you want to support the business (and shelter cats) to the fullest, become a REP! With this special offer, not only will you Collect the Collections for super cheap, but you will receive a free pair for your birthday, extra deals, and features on Instagram and the website! But with big discounts comes responsibility.

It is nearly impossible to have models right now, so I need your help to model my earrings! All you have to do is take cute photos of yourself  with each new pair you receive that I can use for advertisement. Super discounts and a little modeling gig? Yes please!

I also ask that you represent and promote the business on social media, such as posts, stories, and mentions, as well as in person. You can help me build my business! With your first subscription package you will receive business cards to hand out to anyone who asks "Where did you get those earrings?"

$15 a month* (+ shipping)

Sea Salt

collect the collections

This is a monthly shipment that includes one pair from both collections released each month, shipped together to save time and packaging. That means two unique pairs once a month! Not to mention the flat rate price which often gives you a great deal that could amount to half off! Besides being a REP, this is the best bang for your buck.

$25 a month (+ shipping)

Pebble Beach

full thrifted fashion

Do you love upcycled fashion? Me too! With this subscription, not only will you get a monthly surprise pair of earrings from one of the two monthly collection releases, but other beautiful accessories based on the chosen earrings. This might include a matching necklace, vintage Ralph Lauren scarves, antique rings, stylish hats, etc. Every monthly package will come with a pair of handmade earrings, of course, plus two accessories that all tie in together. All items in Full Thrifted Fashion are, well, thrifted!

$40 a month (+ shipping)

ask me!

Let me know your interest in the packages by shooting me an email. I'll get a price quote for you and sign you up for your subscription. Then I'll ask some more questions, such as your favorite colors and styles!

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