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unique designs
for every season 


© Emily Alexander

© Emily Alexander


Coffee and Cream


Frosted Glass

Autumn Feelings

upcycled designs

I scavenge local and state-wide thrift stores, as well as estate and garage sales, and online vintage bead suppliers. I find pieces that inspire me and then transform them into something else. I have studied various forms of design since I was a child and have my own curated vintage jewelry collection. 

A bit of love and some new accents

bring life to old items.


Brand new compositions

Sometimes it's hard to resist newly made beads! Especially if I'm inspired to make a specific collection. Although they are not Salvaged Styles, these Fresh Gems are built mainly with fair trade beads, often from a local bead supplier. Some still include secondhand elements. 

gold gold gold

I usually use gold-toned metal for those who love a warm aesthetic. I have become someone who only wears gold. The hooks are hypoallergenic metal, mostly 14k gold fill with NO nickel.

Please inquire for

metal sensitivity substitutions

and/or silver-toned substitutions. 

Upon request, I can recreate a similar style of earring, or design a whole new one with hypoallergenic metal such as sterling silver.

See Blueberry Drop or Algae as examples.


Work toward ethical and individual


I believe in working toward less waste in production, and toward more support of local sustainability. To accomplish this in my own business I shop at many surrounding thrift stores for unique and repurposable items, such as the featured Tigre d'Or and Willow Bird earrings. Using thrifted and small-batch beads, most of which are fair trade, means that every pair is unique. Except when I'm able to make some multiples because I have enough beads, or I'm able to restock my supply of fair trade beads from a local store. 


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